Circus Poster Illiustration

New Work: Foolhardy Circus Poster

Foolhardy Circus, run by Cosmo the Clown (who I recently played drums for in his band The Mahatmas too!) asked if I’d mind squeezing out a poster for his 2016 show “Smile”.  Evidently I was being particularly slow-witted that day and failed to dodge the bullet – so here it is!


New Work: 5 Day Comic

As an exercise in a recent series of comic drawing workshops I produced this set of 5 comics, one produced each day for 5 days – each illustrating a different relationship between text and images.

DrinkingQuest Comic Cover

New Work: DrinkingQuest The Comic

Continuing my long and esteemed association with geeky boardgames I ended up landing the gig to draw the first issue of Drinking Quest: The Comic – a tie in for the inexplicably popular rpg-cum-drinking game by Canadian game designer Jason Wiseman.  


New Work: D’n’DUI Webcomic

The D’n’DUI podcast and webcomic had for a while been a regular addition to the content I share on my twitter account – they play board and role playing games and liberally take the mickey out of themselves. We got into a conversation which ended up in them asking if I’d provide the art for one […]