About Me

Like most illustrators and comic artists I never quite grew up – or I was always very old – I’ve never quite decided which.

My first work as a professional illustrator was producing artists impressions of buildings for my mum, who was a jobbing architect producing plans for local building projects – I probably wasn’t very good at it, being prone to flights of fantasy, but a gig’s a gig and money changed hands!

After a long period of working in print and web design, and commercial ilustration for corporate clients (including Aviva and Bayer Pharmaceuticals) and early work for Will Turner at Reynard City.

I finally took the plunge into the world of comic book art with my first large scale commission in 2014 for successful indie game designer Jason Wiseman, producing the artwork for his comic Drinking Quest – which brought with a host of further invitations.

Alongside my work as an independent comics creator I set up a non-profit organisation Essential Sequential which runs comic drawing workshops for all ages and abilities, I also work with Voluntary Norfolk to organise activities and workshops in areas of deprivation with the aim of increasing confidence, self esteem and building social networks (that’s of the face-to-face kind, not the spotty-internetty kind)