Circus Poster Illiustration

New Work: Foolhardy Circus Poster

Foolhardy Circus, run by Cosmo the Clown (who I recently played drums for in his band The Mahatmas too!) asked if I’d mind squeezing out a poster for his 2016 show “Smile”.  Evidently I was being particularly slow-witted that day and failed to dodge the bullet – so here it is!


New Work: 5 Day Comic

As an exercise in a recent series of comic drawing workshops I produced this set of 5 comics, one produced each day for 5 days – each illustrating a different relationship between text and images.

DrinkingQuest Comic Cover

New Work: DrinkingQuest The Comic

Continuing my long and esteemed association with geeky boardgames I ended up landing the gig to draw the first issue of Drinking Quest: The Comic – a tie in for the inexplicably popular rpg-cum-drinking game by Canadian game designer Jason Wiseman.  


New Work: D’n’DUI Webcomic

The D’n’DUI podcast and webcomic had for a while been a regular addition to the content I share on my twitter account – they play board and role playing games and liberally take the mickey out of themselves. We got into a conversation which ended up in them asking if I’d provide the art for one […]

URSkillz splash screen

New Work: URSkillz education project

I was commissioned by the URSkillz education project to design a set of cool, freaky characters for a series of online educational tools to help young people identify different areas of development available to them.


4 Favourite Judge Dredd artists (And none of them are Bolland!)

I was still in primary school when I was first made aware of Judge Dredd (somewhat painfully, as you will discover) – so I must have been around 10 or 11. Whilst round the house of a classmate who was able to tolerate my presence, I happened upon a stack of 2000AD Monthly’s in the corner […]

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My first and most influential board game?

I was probably the tender age of around 10 when my oldest and dearest friend turned up with a new board game in a box of different dimensions to the kids stuff more usual in the mid 80’s.  It was shorter and fatter, and would become probably the most influential board game of my collection. […]

xmas tree closeup

My top xmas board game 2013 demands

I was asked by my wife last week if I would like a replacement tablet for Christmas following the sad demise of my Nexus 7. The unfortunate placement of a marble fireplace in the exact spot I decided to relax my grasp the aforementioned slab of plastic resulted in a terminal case of ennui. Whatever […]